My name is Haike Bes. 

I was born in 1984 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Drawing is my passion. I discovered it as a kid, following my dad Hessel who is a painter. Practice makes perfect and so I worked and worked for years. This resulted in my graduation as an interior designer. While making a painting for school I realised: this is exactly what I want to do.

The moment, people and emotions are my inspiration.

Every year I work on a new collection with a new topic, making use of different materials and techniques. The last collection " Tears of Gaia" was focused on plastic in nature, and the loss of important animal species. The paintings were made with acrylic paint on O.S.B plate, finished with epoxy. 

This year the collection is " Panta Rhei " and it is focused on the time we live in, with inspiration coming from old masters like: Rembrand van Rijn, Repin and Vermeer. The paintings are modern classically painted with oil paint on canvas.

Zelfportret met baret